ASP Ultra Cuffs Chain Blue Line (Steel Bow)

by ASP
SKU 56001

Advanced materials, design and construction make ASP’s patented Ultra Cuff the safest restraint in the industry. The forged frame, flat bow contact surface, rounded edges and exacting tolerances reduce the risk of subject injury, while enhancing application speed and precision. Exclusive, interchangeable, replaceable Lock Set features keyways on both sides of the cuff, and high-visibility double-lock indicator. Identifier handcuffs add permanent color options, to readily distinguish the restraints of different agencies or divisions, or designate security or medical status.

Features of ASP Ultra Cuffs Chain Identifier (Steel Bow)

  • Replaceable Lock Set
  • Computer Designed/Forged Frame Technology
  • Dual Keyways
  • Length: 9.4"
  • Width: 3.125"
  • Weight: 9 ounces

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