Steck BigEasy Public Safety Lockout Kit 32911 - red-diamond-uniform-police-supply

Steck BigEasy Public Safety Lockout Kit 32911


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With the BigEasy®, emergency unlocking is easy and fast. It’s not a complex task. There is no guess work. Every step is simple. And with every movement in full view, cars and trucks are easy to unlock.

  • No risk of vehicle damage
  • Since no tools are inserted into door panels, there is no risk of disconnecting linkages or wiring
  • Rescue stranded motorists
  • Quickly get inside cars in an emergency
  • Increase the level of your positive and favorable community relations
  • 3 BigEasy steps:
    • Insert starter wedge
    • Insert and inflate EasyWedge to create opening for BigEasy insertion
    • Actuate lock button, electric locks, or door handle with BigEasy to unlock
  • BigEasy Unlocking Tool: The slim profile of the steel BigEasy tool only requires a small opening. It
  • is easily maneuvered to actuate lock button, electric lock, or door handle
  • Non-Marring Door Wedge: Creates a slight opening between the door and body, making room to insert the EasyWedge inflatable
  • EasyWedge Inflatable: Hand pump enables you to fill the EasyWedge with enough air to create an opening wide enough to insert the BigEasy tool
  • SureGrip Lock Knob Lifter: Grips and lifts vertical lock knobs located on the window frame
  • Paint Protector Reduces friction between the car door and the BigEasy so the powder coating does not rub off
  • BigEasy Carrying Case sold separately